My Love Affair With Food

My love affair with food has been going on as long as I can remember. My parents are both foodies, so I guess I inherited their "talent"!? :) Anyway, I remember my childhood being filled with all kinds of food, and then introduction to more food! My holidays were also filled with us just sampling different food, so now I happily enjoy a variety of cuisines. 

While I have been eating and eating and eating .... (and trust me it shows!)... here are some of the places in Goa that I have visited in the recent past.
This quaint little Japanese restaurant is located in Vagator and is a little difficult to find. But when you do you will enjoy it. There are types of travellers who visit the restaurant - hippies, backpackers, locals and tourist families. As always with any Japanese restuarant, they have Sushi and Sashimi, but they also have other interesting dishes. My friend and I had dinner one evening there and very much enjoyed it. We even tried Saki (Japanese Rice Wine). The Sushi was brilliant, but the rest of the food, I think, was not my style. While I am glad I tried it once, Im not so sure that I would want to eat that again - bland noodles and soya sauce etc are not my scene. I prefer the Indianized version of Japanese cooked food. All in all though, the evening was a good one though... After writing this, I feel like some more Sushi! Mmmmmm......

What can I say about Thalassa... Its my favorite place! I love the ambiance, the food, the view and the general feel that you get when you walk in there. You are greeted by friendly faces of recognition (of course not if its the first time), the waiters/waitresses are charming and ever full of food suggestions. And the host, Mariketty, is a person of pure warmth. The food is superb and there is pretty much nothing that I can fault... not that I'm a critic... but I do feel I know my food. The Mezze platter is excellent, where you can choose which starters you want to try in the platter. Then there is the Mmm so tasty Moussaka, my definite favorite, with meat and aubergines and the juices that flow in between, it personifies the passion of a talented chef. There is the Souvlaki and the well-known tzatziki sauce. The place has a lot of vegetarian, but for me, its the best place to eat some excellent meat! I recently celebrated my birthday there and had some amazing food! I haven't gotten tired of it yet! See you there soon!


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